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Bangladesh Boats Picture Postcards


Price - US$35 (22 different)


postcards size: 145mm x 97mm



Bangladesh Boats Picture Postcards - 22 different


1. Boats and paddy field - a panoramic view

2. Daily life-style of the marshy area

3. Fishing by the fishing-spear

4. Natural beauty of the marshy area

5. Dhanmondi Lake - Dhaka

6. Gypsy tribes life-style (locally called 'Badia')

7. Boat carrying goods

8. Diurnal Life of Rivery Bangladesh

9. Boatman boating in the river

10. Natural view of Cox's Bazar sea beach

11. Boats in coastal area

12. Life-style of the Fisherman

13. Boat in the river in Sundarban

14. Boats in the River side

15. Seasonal waterways in Hilly area

16. Natural beauty of the village side in Rainy season

17. Charming view of Foy's Lake in Chittagong

18. Two adolescent cross the marsh on a raft

19. Diumal life of Coastland area

20. A scenery of ferrying in Bangladesh

21. A charming scene of sun-set in Bangladesh

22. Some naughty boy playing by their banana-tree boat





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